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Consultation and Assessment 

Worth £75

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Consultation and Assessment 

Worth £75

  • How to best follow a EHC plan effectively.

  • Learning action plan for ASD and other SEN needs.

  • Advising upon specific SEN conditions in relation to education. 

Special Education Needs (SEN)

  • Common entrance exam preparation and strategy for private and state schools.

  • Assessments to determine gaps within subject knowledge.

  • Psychometric assessments to determine learning styles.

  • Liaising with schools and educational professionals on behalf of the family.


  • Subject entrance strategy for specific A-Levels.

  • Assessments to determine strengths and improvements.

  • Entrance exam action plans for private and state schools.  


  • Knowledge of subjects to best compliment specific university courses.

  • Recommending strategies for any retakes.

  • Strategies and action plans for iGCSE courses.

A/AS Levels 

  • Improvement and formulation of UCAS personal statements.

  • Advice on placements and experiences for specific courses. 

  • Oxbridge applications and interview techniques.  

  • Medicine/Dentistry and other course strategy.


We have particular strengths in:

Our expert education consultants have the utmost experience and knowledge within the UK public and private education system. They can provide their profound expertise to you to ensure that all students have the best possible chance to gain admission into their chosen establishment. Clearview has a strong relationship with many of the UK’s top schools due to the outstanding services we have provided and therefore have good relationships with many respected members of the educational community. So please contact us to hear how we can help you.

Clearview's education consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge within all educational systems. These consultants can advise upon educational strategies to give you the best possible advice to achieving your goals, be it gaining admission into certain schools, universities or more

Education Consultancy 

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