Consultation and Assessment 

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With the use of our industry leading Online Tuition platform we can deliver the same high calibre of English tuition to our further away or oversea clients. This is not a pre-recorded program but a live one-to-one lesson with one of our expert tutors. We have successfully helped a wide range of oversea students gain a place within the UK education establishment.

English as a second language UK/Abroad 

Clearviews Senior tutors have a proven track record of helping students pass key English modules at A-Levels and Degree. All our senior tutors not only hold English degrees from the best universities, but also implement their knowledge on a day-to-day basis as teachers or within other educational services. This means they are always up to date with the latest modules and developments within the English Curriculum. Clearview can help with all English modules including:

  • ​English Language
  • English Literature
  • Creative Writing   

A level, IB, University and Post-Graduate

GCSE/iGCSE and Secondary

The recently introduced changes to English GCSE has meant that there is even more pressure on students as no marks are accumulated during the year, but simply assessed at end of year exams. Clearview encourage our clients not to wait for a mock examination result to use as the basis for the requirements of tutoring. This is due to the fact that this will would not leave much time for tutoring to have its highest possible effect. Our tutors are familiar with every exam board and therefore can give students the best possible chance to achieve their desired grade. Our English tutors have been specially chosen for their passion, approachability and dedication to the learning of English. 


Clearview understand that every child has unique issues when it comes to not being able to grasp English. We understand that it could be multitude of requirements ranging from lack of confidence, to gaps within their core understanding. Whatever the reason may be our tutors and assessments will pry out these issues and create an individual action plan to address them. This has been a proven means of securing a strong foundation within English. 

English, another important core subject, is essential to master in order to secure a successful future for any career path. Here at Clearview we accommodate for all levels be it the basics of reading and writing for primary levels, to deconstructing a 21st century poem for A-level. We understand that everyone has unique requirements and therefore we plan our syllabus and lesson structure around every individual student. Let our expert tutors open the doors to this most enthralling of subjects. 


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