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11+ Grammar School Entrance

If your child has the potential to benefit from a grammar school education then we at Clearview are here to support you in the process. We understand that competition to the leading grammar schools in the country is tough. Therefore devising an effective action plan is of upmost importance. We would recommend beginning tuition by the autumn term of year 5, as exams are usually taken in early autumn in year 6. This would allow plenty of time to comfortably and steadily implement our tuition program. Our tutors have a very high success rate of getting our students into their desired establishment. 

13+ Common Entrance 

Our 13+ Common Entrance tutors have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the UK independent schools systems. We have successfully helped our students to get into some of the most prestigious independent schools in the country and have testimonials from numerous satisfied clients. Our Tutors take the same Clearview student centred approach to learning and create a unique action plan to tailor for the students needs. Our strict following of this ethos is the reason why we have such a high success rate

4+ and 7/8+ Entrance

Many of the leading preparatory schools in the UK have a prior written exam to secure a successful place. The competition is not as fierce as other entrance exams, but there is still pressure none the less. We at Clearview can provide a gentle yet effective tuition program to ensure that our students have the best possible chance of admission to these fine schools.  

Clearview understand that parents and carers want the best for their children. Securing a place at some of the finest schools in the country is one of the best ways of unlocking their potential. We also understand that this can be a tough and stressful process; this is where Clearview is here to help.We have a great reputation for getting our students into the most revered independent secondary, prep, pre-prep and grammar schools in the UK. We can advise through our consultations and then set a tutoring plan accordingly to give our students the greatest chance at performing well in their entrance exams and consequently securing a place at these fine education establishments. 

Entrance Exams

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