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Consultation and Assessment 

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Clearview Tutors: +44 (0)208 090 4600

Clearview oversee the whole programme and will regularly provide the family with detailedreports, as well as schools or other relevant education establishments. 

Continuous Feedback

We use the information collected to match the student with one of our expert tutors to address all learning requirements. In addition we would also contact the student’s school to try and make sure that all learning is in unison.

Tutor Allocation

Clearview will then take this data to create a unique action plan and timetable for the student to best fulfil the requirements discussed.

We will send one of our experienced Psychologists to your house to discuss your requirements and how Clearview can help you. We will also conduct our unique Psychometric Analysis on the student to determine the learning styles that they are suited to. This analysis can also be completed over the phone or via email, however we recommend face-to-face meetings.

Action Plan

Home Consultation 

The Clearview Home Approach

We understand that parents have a very busy life hence it is not possible to take your child to tuition centre. Therefore at Clearview we come to you, and work around your personal timetable. We provide only the best private tuition from the most qualified, passionate and experienced tutors in the comfort of your own home. Home Tuition can also accommodate for small groups of students. Please contact us to find out more. 

Clearview's Home One-to-One programme has been praised for its quality, uniqueness and outstanding results. All our Tutors hold great belief in our Student Centered Approach and the high level of progress made by every single student is a testament to our ethos. 

Home One-to-One Tutoring