Consultation and Assessment 

Worth £75

​+ No registration fee

Clearview oversee the whole program and will regularly provide the family with detailedreports, as well as schools or other relevant education establishments. 

Continuous Feedback

Tutor Allocation

We use the information collected to match the student with one of our expert tutoring sessions to address all learning requirements. In addition we would also contact the student’s school to try and make sure that all learning is in unison.

Action Plan

Clearview will then take this data to create a unique action plan and timetable for the student to best fulfil the requirements discussed.

One of our experienced Psychologists will discuss your requirements and how Clearview can help you. We will also conduct our unique Psychometric Analysis on the student to determine learning styles. This can also be done over the phone or email.


The Clearview Online Approach

Our Online Tuition programme provides one-to-one private tuition to clients by one of our highly qualified tutors from the comfort of your computer screen. This would be well suited to clients that are not able to access any of our other services due to the area that they live in. This has particularly been useful to our overseas clients who wish to learn English or gain entry to a British school. We use software that has a virtual white board, enabling both tutors and students to see each others activities, ensuring a highly productive tutoring lesson. In addition to this, Online Tuition is more cost effective as the tutor does not have to travel to the client, meaning that we can pass these savings on to you.

Clearview's industry leading online tuition programme has been praised for its effectiveness and ease of use. Online tuition provides students with the opportunity to receive all the benefits of our high quality tutors from the comfort of their computer screens

Online Tuition 

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