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Science can sometimes be intimidating and achieving that essential C grade or above can be difficult, while for others they may need that final push to get that A* grade. Whatever your requirements are Clearview are here to help. We make sure that we assign an expert tutor who is familiar with the specific exam board and syllabus. In addition our tutors will help to build the confidence needed to perform well within all examinations. We not only teach science but also key learning skills to help them on their journey of learning. We cover all types of science levels including:

  • Single Award Science
  • Double Award Science
  • Triple Award Science

GCSE/iGCSE and Secondary  

Our tutors have a wealth of experience and knowledge on how best to support our primary students with science. We have successfully helped students for SATs exams and higher gifted and talented programs. We consider each student as an individual and therefore first assess their needs to then tailor a unique gentle program around them. Additionally we also highly encourage parents and carers, as well as schools, to be as involved as possible within the process to give our students the best possible chance at conquering science. 


Studying science broadens your understanding of the world around you, allow you to influence and develop accepted scientific knowledge, and will give you the skills needed to approach most matters in a reasoned and analytical manner. At Clearview we understand that a lot of students struggle with this demanding subject, or require a boost. Therefore our highly qualified Science tutors are specially selected for their passion and ability to teach Science from KS1 through to Triple Science at GCSE level. Clearview have an outstanding record of progress with our students within Science, this is due to our strong belief in our student centred ethos.  


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