Clearview oversee the whole programme and will regularly contact both family and tutor to see whether adjustments need to be made. Tutors will also submit reports after each lesson which will be condensed andsent to the parents and schools of the student on a monthly basis. These reports will detail:

  • The focus of that month’s tutoring
  • The progress made and areas of further work
  • The focus for the coming month
  • Any additional comments

4. Monitoring and Feedback

3. Tutor Allocation

We use the information collected within the consultation and psychometric assessments to match the student with one of our expert tutors. The selection of the tutor is an integral part of our process. Clearview prides itself with its psychometric assessments, which have allowed us to scientifically match tutors to best complement our student’s needs. This has resulted in outstanding student satisfaction feedback as well as exceptional academic progress

2. Action Plan

Clearview will take all data and information obtained in the consultation to create a unique action plan and timetable for the student to best fulfil the requirements discussed. The student’s school’s requests and recommendations will also be accommodated to within this action plan to create a complete education experience

Clearview's 4 step Approach

1. Consultation

​Before we can help a student, we often need to spend quite a significant amount of time learning about the issues at hand. This is why we arrange a consultation with one of Clearviews experienced Psychologists to discuss your requirements and how we can help you achieve your goals. This is best done face-to-face however we can also arrange for this to happen via telephone and email.

During this consultation our expert will also conduct Clearviews unique Psychometric Analysis on the student to determine their individual learning styles, the gaps within their subject knowledge and also a personality profile.

In many cases, the consultation will also lead, with the parents’ permission, to a conversation with the student’s school. Many of Clearview’s tutors and consultants are current or ex-classroom teachers, and Clearview’s approach seeks to support schoolwork whenever it can.​

Clearview’s unique approach to tutoring is what sets us apart from other tuition agencies. We have developed a tried and tested student centered approach to tuition with the aid of our Psychometric Assessments. This provides a rich and enthralling tutoring experience, giving our students the best chance at achieving their academic goals. Our approach also ensures that parents, tutors and schools all work in unison to support our students, with Clearview accommodating all communications

Our unique student centered approach combined with our psychometric analysis is what sets Clearview apart as one of London's leading tuition agencies.

The Clearview Approach 


Consultation and Assessment 

Worth £75

​+ No registration fee

Clearview Tutors: +44 (0)208 090 4600